Spokane, Washington, is home to thousands of dog-lovers who get hours of pleasure from their faithful pooches, hounds and mutts. At Debbie's Dog Grooming we feel it is only fair that the tables are turned and the dogs get the chance to be pampered.

As experts in the dog grooming business, we are always delighted to spoil your pet. Our staff are on hand ready to provide all sorts of services, from coat conditioning, pet spa and salon, dog washing and bathing, and specialist haircutting services.

We have been local dog groomers, based in Spokane Valley, since 1973 and have built a reputation for the excellence of our pet services. We always treat every animal as if they were our own and we provide for all breeds of dogs, no matter how large and even if they are liable to bite.

Our business is family-owned and the length of time we have been in operation separates us from our competitors. We are licensed, bonded and insured, offer professional grooming at reasonable prices, and guarantee our work 100%.

We offer a wide variety of grooming services for dogs including teeth brushing, dog spa, dog salon services, nail trimming, dog washing, de-shedding, haircuts, gland expressions, deep shampoos and ear cleaning.

Special shampoo services are provided for your pets including oatmeal shampoos, which help with skin irritations, hypoallergenic shampoos for allergies and flea shampoos.

Our staff will clean paws, scissor dog hair and are happy to agree to any special grooming request you might have. We treat every grooming session as unique, geared towards the needs of your pet. We also provide cat grooming services.

So if you are in Spokane and want to reward your favorite pet, then make the short journey to Debbie's Dog Grooming or call us on (509) 209-9964 to make an appointment. You’ll be glad you called – and so will your dog.